Find Available Flats for Rent in Bloomsbury, London

If you happened to be looking for apartments to rent in Bloomsbury, London, then this site is perfect for you. We offer short term rentals at the lowest prices on the market. Many tourist and travelers choose to stay in a private rental than to check in a hotel because private rentals offer everything a hotel does, but at a much lower price.

Private Apartment in Bloomsbury, London

Rent an apartment in Bloomsbury, London, UK – from 174 EUR per night!

In Bloomsbury there are over twenty available flats for rent. There are even whole households available for lease which is perfect if one travels with his or hers family or with a group of friends. Self catering accommodations are also available, so you can decide which food you are going to eat and bring it within  or there are also flats with bed and breakfast services and you won’t have to be worried about food then. All of these private leases are furnished with top of the range amenities than one needs in a room. Cable TV and a wireless internet connection for entertainment, heating and air conditioning for comfort, a washer and a dryer for personal hygiene and a fully stocked kitchen for preparing food. All of this is available to you at a very affordable price. You won’t have to be convinced out of going on a trip because the hotels in the area are out of your budget range. Our budget short term rentals are owned by private owners who charge a very cheap price which is affordable to anyone. You will have a vacation of a lifetime if you choose the right apartment for you, and we are offering you just that.

Studio Apartment For Rent in Bloomsbury, London

Studio apartment for short stay in Bloomsbury, London, UK – from 110 EUR per night!

Basic Facts About Bloomsbury

Bloomsbury is an area of the London Borough of Camden and it is situated in central London. It is most famous and renowned for its numerous garden squares and many cultural, educational and healthcare institutions. The postcode of the district is WC1, and the dialing code is 020. It is the home of the University of London’s central bodies and departments, including the Senate House Library and School of Advanced Study. Since it is known for its squares, the most famous ones are Russell Square, Bedford Square, Bloomsbury Square, Queen Square and Brunswick Square. Bloomsbury is also the home of many educational institutions concentrated in this are, some of them are the he Bloomsbury Colleges – Birkbeck, University of London, Institute of Education, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, School of Oriental and African Studies and many others. At the very centre of this area is The British Museum. Besides being a great cultural point of London it is a great tourist attraction of this area and is visited daily by many tourists and travelers. The most famous exhibit which is placed in the centre of the museum is the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, an indoor square with a glass roof.

The British Museum, Bloomsbury, London, UK

The British Museum, Bloomsbury, London, UK

In order to rent one of our rooms or just get some more information about our temporary housings, simply click on the “SEARCH” button on our site and you will be informed with everything there is to know about our individual rooms and about how to rent one of them. Happy renting and have a great stay in Bloomsbury, London.

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