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There are some lowly apartments to rent in Hammersmith, London. Our site will help you find them. We specialize in finding short term rentals for all kinds of travelers which are looking for an adventure, a quiet place to stay during their sightseeing or just an overnighter.

Hammersmith private room

Hammersmith private room for rent. From $88 per night.

Temporary accommodations are a very convenient way to vacation abroad. They are very popular among tourists who find this type of accommodations very cheap and affordable. People save a lot of money by vacationing this way and are very happy with the prices the private owners of the accommodations charge. Although budget and prices are a very important factor it is not the only thing positive that these types of rentals have to offer. Convenience is another thing that our serviced apartments are known for. They can provide you with a great rest after a long day and at the same time keep you amused. This is why all of our apartments have very comfortable beds and a TV with cable. Of course, a wireless internet connection is something that most people ask for and something which our landlords tend to provide. Food is also a great factor, and not all people like to try different cuisines. This is why we can offer you some self catering apartments which allow you to bring in your own food. But if you are an adventurer and like to try new stuff, we recommend you to book an apartment which offers bed and breakfast services and receive and freshly prepared local meal every morning. Hammersmith, London has over seventy different short lets to choose from. There are around sixty flats or apartments and a dozen spacious houses in the area of Hammersmith. For larger groups there are leases with two or three bedrooms and for those who are in town for just a few days there is always a popular option of choosing a shared accommodation and share it with a fellow traveler or your landlord, but you will then pay a considerably lower amount of money.

Hammersmith apartment

Hammersmith apartment for rent. From $133 per night.

Learn More About Hammersmith

Hammersmith is a district in west London, situated in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is considered to be one of the biggest commercial centers of London. The postcode of the district is W6, and the way to reach this district is by dialing the 020 calling code. It has some beautiful and architecturally interesting buildings, like “The Ark” office building, “Hammersmith Bridge Road Surgery” and “22 St Peter’s Square” . Some cultural sites and some sites of entertainment are the Riverside Studios cinema, the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, the Hammersmith Apollo concert hall and theatre, the Hammersmith Palais nightclub and, probably the most interesting and most famous place of all, “The Dove” riverside pub, which attracts a lot of tourist and visitors who end up in this part of town.

Hammersmith London

Hammersmith, London

The “Show all rentals” button will provide you with everything that you might possibly need to rent one of our holiday homes. Great temporary housings are waiting for you in Hammersmith, London and are just second away, so act now and book your dream apartment.

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