Rent a Flat For Short Stay in Wandsworth, London

Hello and welcome to the page which will help you find apartments to rent in Wandsworth, London. We have a lot of different short term accommodation types available for you to rent. They are all well furnished and specially equipped and come at low and very affordable prices.

Wandsworth private room

Wandsworth private room for rent. From $30 per night.

Wandsworth, London has over seven hundred different short leases available, five hundred apartments and two hundred houses available to rent. The apartments are appropriate for single travelers who come alone on a trip and can also save some more money if they rent a shared room and share it with a fellow traveler during their stay. There is also the option of renting a whole house with two or three bedrooms. This option is perfect if one comes with his or hers family or a larger group of people. Of course, all of our apartments are well furnished to make your stay enjoyable. Flat screen TVs are available in all rooms with cable and there is also a wireless internet connection to help you pass the time or just stay in touch with your friends and family. Heating and air conditioning is also available and a fully stocked kitchen as well. You can also order bed and breakfast services and get your hot meal in the morning. This is perfect if you have arrived in late last night and feel too tired to look around for food in the morning. Instead you can freshen up with a nice cup of coffee and a freshly prepared meal. All of this is available to you at the lowest prices on the market. Generally, temporary rentals in  Wandsworth are a much more cheaper type of accommodation and many tourists are deciding to rent a late room rather than go to a hotel. Hotels charge insanely high prices for their rooms and many people can not afford to travel that way. We are offering you an opportunity to at the same time, save some money and rent a quality flat as well.

Wandsworth  apartment

Wandsworth apartment for rent. From $69 per night.

Some Facts About Wandsworth

Wandsworth is a district of south-west London, England, in the London Borough of Wandsworth. It is considered as one of 35 major centers in Greater London. The postcode of the district is SW18, and the dialing code is 020. An interesting fact about this part of London is that it presents the home of the largest prison in London and generally one of the largest prisons in Western Europe. But besides this it also has the Wandsworth Museum which houses a large collection of Victorian arts and is situated in the former Victorian library in West Hill. The Tonsleys/Old York Road is specially attractive to tourists since it has a lot of cafes and shops here, and all of this is set in a village surrounding of Old York Road. Visitors also like to visit the three most famous pubs on this street the Royal Standard, the East Hill and the Alma. Right down the road is Brady’s Fish Restaurant, which serves traditional English food, and one simply has to try the English traditional dish, fish and chips, which are prepared in a common and traditional way in this restaurant.

Wandsworth London

Wandsworth, London

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All in all, private rentals are a much better option than a hotel is, and if you want to find out more click on the “Show all rentals button” located on our site and you will receive a list of all the available accommodations of this area